Monitor you or your family’s UV Exposure with UV SunSignals® Sensors - the NEW and ONLY product that tells you when to reapply sunscreen!

How It Works

It’s fun to play in the sun, but too much sun can be dangerous to your skin! The SunSignals® Sensor reacts to the sun and signals when it’s time for you to reapply sunscreen by turning a deep orange. Read More

Recommended By Doctors

UV Radiation causes skin cancer, sunburns, and aging. The Skin Cancer Foundation recomends you protect yourself with sunscreen at all times. This is where SunSignals® Sensor can help you! Find out when you need a boost! Read More

Technologically Advanced

SunSignals® uses a patented technology to predict when your sunscreen needs a boost. Put a SunSignals® Sensor on before spending time outsite, and let it do the work for you. Read More

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